World Cultural Heritage - Cultural Assets of Kyoto
Historic Sites in Kyoto - exploring Kyoto's cultural assets.
Historic Sites in Kyoto, a substantial part of
Japanese history, is being preserved and maintained.

@Introduced below are a few of the cultural assets located within Kyoto City. Some are classified as Historic Sites by the national government, some by Kyoto Prefecture and others by Kyoto City. This guide does not include sites that are also classified as Places of Scenic Beauty. These will be introduced later.
Map of Historical Sites in Kyoto

Early Historic Sites (pre-7th century)i‚P`‚Tj@@
Historic Sites of the Ancient Period (mainly 7~12th century)i‚U`‚R‚Oj@
Historic Sites of the Middle Agesi‚R‚P`‚R‚Uj
Pre-modern Historic Sitesi‚R‚V`‚U‚Pj
Historic Sites of Modern Timesi‚U‚Qj@@@

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