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Publication and note:

1. Application for Fund Contribution

    After we receive your completed application section by email, we will send a pamphlet about our foundation and a money transfer form for contribution.

2. Request for Cultural Assets Calendar and Publications

 ・ Cultural Assets Calendar─1997 Edition   1,000 Yen (postage)
 ・ Famous Modern Architecture in Kyoto     2,000 Yen ( " )
 ・ Kyoto's Rokusai Nembutsu           3,000 Yen ( " )
 ・ Kyoto's Yasurai Bana             1,500 Yen ( " )
 ・ Kyoto's Cultural Assets Book Series
    Seventh Edition, "The Modern Artists' World in Kyoto─Artists and their Works"
                            1,000 Yen (postage not included)
    Ninth Edition, "Kyoto's Scenic Spots ─ Significance and Transition"
                            1,300 Yen (postage not included)
    Tenth Edition, "Kyoto's Ancient Shrines and Temples─Historical shrines and ancient temples
                            1,300 Yen (postage not included)

    Since the number of calendars and publications is limited, items may be out of stock.

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