Preserving Kyoto's Cultural Assets ─ International
Cultural Legacies
A Call for Contributions to The Preservation Fund

    The Non-Profit Foundation for Preservation of Kyoto's Cultural and Sightseeing Resources asks for your assistance with fund-raising aimed at protecting Kyoto's rich cultural assets, including resources of cultural and sightseeing value, traditional events and performances, as well as upkeep of the surrounding areas.
    With assets recognized as cultural treasures internationally, Kyoto's large inheritance of cultural and sightseeing resources is of irreplaceable value to Japan's history. Having worked to preserve Kyoto's resources to this time, we must pass them on to the next generation.
    In efforts to preserve Kyoto's valuable cultural and sightseeing resources, an international cultural legacy, we ask for your kind contribution to our fund-raising efforts.

─To Those Who Will Assist With Fund-Raising─
Contributions of any amount are gratefully accepted.

◇Your contribution to the city of Kyoto's Fund for Preservation of Cultural and Sightseeing Resources is tax exempt and will be allocated to preservation of Kyoto's resources of cultural and sightseeing value.

    Contributors to the fund shall be treated as members of this foundation.

    You will receive bulletins and information on all awareness raising projects conducted by the Non-Profit Foundation for Preservation of Kyoto's Cultural and Sightseeing Resources.

◇Contribution Application
    Those wishing to contribute to the fund should complete and send in the application form. After receiving this, a pamphlet about the foundation and a money transfer form will be sent to you.

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