Preserving Kyoto's Cherished Herished Cultural Inheritance

    The Non-Profit Foundation for Preservation of Kyoto's Cultural and Sightseeing Resources assists with projects to restore, maintain, and protect Kyoto's resources of cultural and sightseeing value. This includes restoration of culturally valuable structures, arts and handicrafts; preservation of gardens and registered natural treasures; maintenance of disaster prevention facilities for cultural assets, as well as upkeep of the surrounding environment.
    These assistance activities are based on funding through contributions to the Fund for Preservation of Kyoto's Cultural and Sightseeing Resources. Contributions come from the people of the city of Kyoto and others with deep appreciation for Kyoto nationwide.

●Assistance for Building Restoration
 Restoration and dismantling of buildings, roof rethatching, etc.

●Assistance for Works of Art and Handicraft Restoration
 Restoration of paintings on fusuma (Japanese sliding doors), images of Buddha, etc.
●Assistance for Gardens and Registered Natural Treasures

●Equipment and Maintenance for Disaster Prevention Facilities for Cultural Assets
Installation of fire alarm and sprinkler systems, new fireproof water tanks, etc.
●Maintenance Assistance for Area Surrounding Cultural Assets
 Repair of mud walls surrounding shrines, insect extermination, etc.

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