Preserving Kyoto's Legacy
The Heart of Japanese Spirit and Culture

    The Non-Profit Foundation for Preservation of Kyoto's Cultural and Sightseeing Resources is a public-service corporation that was established in December 1969, by funding from the city of Kyoto. Its aims are to preserve for future generations the cultural assets, traditional events and arts, as well as the surrounding natural environment, and to contribute to cultural advancement through planning related activities.
    Kyoto has an internationally recognized cultural legacy, with a large concentration of valuable cultural and sightseeing resources. An erray of events, arts, and treasures representative Japan's culture traditional. In preserving this legacy, it is often the case that national and local financial assistance is not enough.
    Our foundation carries out various projects and activities to preserve and continue Kyoto's resources for future generations to enjoy and learn about.

◇Main activities:
■Preserving resources of cultural and sightseeing value
■Helping to preserve and pass down traditional arts and events
■Raising awareness
■Fund contribution information

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